Thank you for taking responsibility for your destiny and signing up for this newsletter.  Although I promote my shows on all social media platforms and utilize a publicist sometimes and do radio, TV, and newspaper – the best way to reach people is to reach them directly.  I did the research!  (No, I didn’t.)  It always breaks my heart when I’m leaving a city I have just performed in and I check Twitter as the plane is taking off (you don’t have to turn your phone to airplane mode, trust me) and someone tweets, “Do you ever come to [insert name of city I was just in here]?”  But you are now not at risk of becoming that person.

In this newsletter you’ll have all of the information you’ll need about what dates to save in what cities before they go on sale to the public, you’ll get pre-sale codes, and on sale reminders.  I play every inch of the United States and many places internationally.  I recommend staying on this newsletter even if you don’t see me mentioning your city.  If I’m not mentioning it – it means I don’t know yet!  I try to give an honest idea of where I’m not going however, so that you can find the time to grieve this terrible, awful loss or plan a road trip to the nearest city! 


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